Motus has been active since 1996 in the field of trade, in starter batteries and vehicle electrical equipment. First named Natsis El. Apostοlos.

From 2013 it continues under the distinctive title Motus.

In 2004, the company decided to limit and specialize in the field of batteries and lubricants. As a result, this has resulted in selective collaboration with some of the world's largest manufacturers in the world of batteries and lubricants. In 2015, it also started to produce antifreeze preparations as well as the production of industrial type aerosols as an addition to the specialty of the lubricants category.

The experience of 25 years has put it as the main feeder of more than 700 professionals all over Greece.

Motus central philosophy is the satisfaction of the trader-technical-end-consumer trade chain, with a direct response to the evolution of the products by providing excellent quality.



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