Guarantee accumulators

The Guarantee covers the case of a short circuit - component failure, which is a manufacturing defect

Does not cover
a.Damage from use of different predicted
b.Battery installation in the smaller capacity of the proposed vehicle manufacturer.
c.Electrical system damage the vehicle eg. Low load - overload - current leakage
d.Break or crack the shell
f.Damage from poor maintenance, when the type of battery to impose
g.Worn or altered poles

To properly diagnose the condition of the battery must precede control 24 hours in the technical department of the company .If not diagnosed problem costs (3-5 €) charged to the buyer. In case of battery replacement is not renewed the initial market coverage time

Guarantee lubricants

Lubricants import & represent by MOTUS fully meet the requirements and characteristics listed encoded on the packaging. (Pch.10W-40 API SL / CF, ACEA A3 / B4 (08), etc ...). Guarantee safe operation is given only when the lubricant always use meets the specifications set by the manufacturer, as indicated in the vehicle handbook.



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